Man arrested for “memorizing card details of 1,300 customers” and making purchases with information

One cashier has recently been arrested for memorizing the card details of over 1,000 customers and using them to shop online.

Yusuke Taniguchi from Japan has an eidetic memory, or photographic memory, and would study the card information.

This included a 16-digit-number, name, expiration date as well as security code – of 1,300 customers in the time it took to scan their items at a supermarket.

The 34-year-old was working part-time at a supermarket in Tokyo when the alleged incidents are said to have taken place.

Image via ANN News

Police said that he would then use the information he had taken from unsuspecting customers to purchase items online.

In March this year, he allegedly used the card details to purchase two shoulder bags worth about 270,000 yen ($2495.88 ) which he then had sent to his apartment.

But Taniguchi was not aware police had been tracking him and eventually arrested him on suspicion of fraud.

Taniguchi claims he had resold the items he had brought to a pawn shop, then using the money he made to pay for living expenses as well as rent.

After his arrest, police discovered a notebook containing hundreds of names as well as numbers of potential victims. They are currently investigating them to determine the extent of the Taniguchi’s alleged crimes.