Instagram model reveals the upside as well as the drawbacks in her line of work

Jem Woflie has made a multi-million dollar income in the past year thanks to her OnlyFans page alone — where fans pay a monthly fee for access to her exclusive content.

The self-employed 28-year-old earns money from Instagram sponsorships along with brand deals, as well as her own range of clothing and e-books.

Image via Instagram

And while it comes to no ones surprise that Wolfie who hails from Perth, Australia, is happy with where she is at in life — the piece that means the most to her is helping dogs.

“I live like I’m poor and that’s important to know. I live a humble life; I don’t buy anything for myself,” she told LADbible. I’m happier than ever because all I’ve ever wanted is a house that I can have dogs in. I’ve never been able to do that so I’m building a house right now so I can have dogs. I can adopt dogs, homeless dogs, puppies…whatever dogs come my way, I can afford to help them, so that makes me happy.”

But having a following of over 2.7 million people does have its drawbacks. Trolls verbally assault her while overexcited fans threaten her privacy.

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Wolfie shares:

“The worst thing is waking up every day and seeing comments and messages that are really horrible. Some days it can be draining when you’re constantly called fat. It can be exhausting to have negativity constantly shoved down your throat every day.”

Wolfie has a theory when it comes to people having a problem with how the former Western Australia Basketball League player makes her living.

“Now I’m as happy as I could possibly be and I’m so focused on my business that I don’t even have a second to think about what other people are doing,” she said. “Why would someone get mad about what I do for a living? The only reason why someone would get mad at what I do for a living is ’cause their butt hurts ’cause they sit in an office all day sucking their boss’ d***.”

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But with so many facets of her lifestyle, Woflie finds it difficult to describe what she does for a living. That being said, she is adamant about not labeling herself an “influencer.”

“I hate that word,” she said. “I would never self-proclaim that I influence people and I hate it when people put ‘influencer’ in their f**ing bio… Why would you even write that in your bio? I’m a content creator – I create content. Everyone creates content, but mine’s quality content.”

Moving forward, Wolfie has plans for a calendar next year and wants to set up an organization that helps dogs. And while she admits that her success has been forwarded thanks to her looks, she does believe the following she has cultivated has enabled her creative side.

She said:

“I love my fans so much; what am I without my fans? I don’t even call them my fans, they’re my Wolf Gang. I’m a creative, I’m an artist: I paint, I draw, I make music. On Instagram, there’s no limit to how creative I can be. I know a lot of my content is based around my look, but as long as I have an audience, I can do whatever I want.”