Man charts stunning transformation in time lapse video that reveals his 42-pound loss

Hailing from Norman, Oklahoma, Hunter Hobbs was interested in seeing what type of results he would get if he amped up his workout routine for 12 weeks. Hunter, 24, strived to remain consistent, mixing weight lifting and cardio in his routine for three months — losing 42 pounds. He originally weighed 202 and now weighs just 160 pounds.

Hunter took one photo a day during his experiment in order to track his progress and see his physique evolve.

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Later, he gathered all the snaps into one time-lapse video, which in just 55 seconds, gives an overview of his body transformation in just three months. Originally, Hunter started at 202 pounds. But as the days go by, Hunter begins to lean out. And within weeks, Hunter’s stomach became flatter and at the end of his 91-day journey, he had a six-pack.

Hunter shared how he began the experiment out of curiosity, admits that it is the “toughest thing” he has done so far. At the gym, Hunter begins with heavier weights. Then as he nears the end, he will switch to lighter weights plus an increased tempo.

Hunter, who has a desk job at an oil and gas company, incorporates 20-30 minute cardio sessions into his regimen either in the morning or right after a workout. He then increased the intensity of his cardio workouts during his last month of his transformation, doing abs exercises two or three sometimes a week at or home or at the gym.

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But he shared that the hardest part was not the workout routine, but Hunter’s diet which he believes made “the most difference.”

He was able to get into a routine throughout his three months and usually ate “chicken, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, salads, almonds, whey protein shakes, etc.”

“I also cooked all of my meals, brought my lunch to work everyday and rarely ate out,” Hunter continued. “I initially tracked all that I was eating to get a better idea of how many calories, protein, carbs and fats I was taking in and then just stuck to the same stuff so I knew what I was eating.”

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“I drank tons of water (at least a gallon a day), no sugary drinks like soda, and apart from a few drinks on special occasions didn’t drink any alcohol.”

The last part, he shared, felt “very tough and not fun.” At the beginning of his transformation, Hunter felt “exhausted, demotivated and always hungry.”

“After about three weeks when I started seeing some real changes and my body adjusted to my diet and workouts I felt better each week,” he continued. “It was still a struggle and had to push myself harder each week, but seeing progress kept me going. I feel a millions times better now than I did at the beginning, so much more energy, confidence and motivation.”

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Hunter admitted that he had “no idea” what he was getting himself into when he first began his fitness journey.

“It took so much mental and physical dedication and I wanted to give up so many times throughout it,” he said. “Also having people all around me going to the bars or eating pizza, burgers and all that while I ate my chicken and salad was tough, but worth it 100 per cent.”

Now that his challenge is complete, Hunter plans to “definitely relax a bit” when it comes to his lifestyle.

“This transformation was meant to be extreme and not something [I would] sustain long term,” he continued. “I will still go to the gym five to six times a week, eat clean and stay consistent, but [won’t] worry as much if I eat out or have a few drinks with friends.”

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