Seth Rogan is not-so-surprisingly actively fighting the war on drugs

Seth Rogen along with his childhood friend/collaborator, Evan Golderg, recently launched their weed line Houseplant and Canopy earlier this year.

Now, both Rogen and Golderg are promoting National Expungement Week which Houseplant and Canopy are sponsoring from September 21-28.

The initiative which is spearheaded by an organization called Cage-Free Cannabis takes place in cities across the U.S. — featuring events that range from public information sessions to legal clinics where people with cannabis convictions can get their records either cleared or sealed.

Image via pixabay

“There’s just millions and millions of people in America who can’t vote, who can’t get a job, who can’t do things that many, many people take for granted because they have been arrested for something that isn’t illegal anymore,” Rogen told VICE. “To us, that is just unacceptable. Weed should have never been illegal in the first place, that’s the premise that we operate under.”

Goldberg chimed in, saying how Rogen and he were fortunate to grow up in Vancouver where cannabis consumption was embraced prior to legalization.

“We just were born in a place where weed was more accepted and some people were not and their lives have been f****d up because of it,” he said.

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