Trump adamant it is homeless people that are polluting the ocean

President Donald Trump just put pressure on San Francisco to move homeless people off the streets of California as they are “going to hell.”

Just hours after Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson denied California’s request for additional federal aid earlier this month, Trump then floated the idea of punishing San Francisco with an environmental violation.

This was due to the runoff of human waste as well as hypodermic needles that threaten the Pacific Ocean despite experts informed the San Francisco Chronicle the city has not had any issues with needles in the water.

“They have to clean it up,” Trump said speaking on San Francisco as he left California to board Air Force One. According to the New York Times. “We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

While it is unclear what specific Environmental Protection Agency fine or regulation the administration would use against San Fransisco — Trump has stated his administration would file some sort of complaint soon.

Image via NeedPix

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, recently interviewed a business owner from San Francisco who said he was bitten by a homeless person.

While some California officials have brought to light how local zoning regulations and aggressive neighborhood opposition may get in the way of less-expensive multi-family homes, the state continues to welcome federal intervention.

“We are focused on advancing solutions to meet the challenges on our streets, not throwing off ridiculous assertions as we board an airplane to leave the state,” London Breed, San Francisco Mayor, said in a statement.

But Trump is not about to shell out anymore money for the solutions request by Gov. Gavin Newson along with several mayors of California’s largest cities, represented by Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

In addition, Trump sent a delegation to Los Angeles’ Skid Row earlier this month to observe the homelessness crisis first hand.