Student leaves boss drunk voicemail, says she is having trouble finding another job

A 21-year-old student from Edinburgh was working at an upscale restaurant last year while studying at college but decided to quit after nine months as the hours clashed with her studies.

So what did Rachael do next?

Left the staff a voice note on the restaurant’s WhatsApp group but sent it after a drunken night out.

Image via JamPress

After sending the message, the 21-year-old left the group.

The student went on to explain how she had sent the drunk voice note as a joke as she got along with most of her co-workers but the general manager apparently was not impressed with the message.

That being said, the exact person Rachael needed a reference from a year later was this exact person — unfortunately.

The company she was currently applying at required a reference from every previous employer but when she reached out to her formal general manager, Rachael was met with no response.

While the manager was not required to give a beaming recommendation about Rachael, they just had to state Rachael worked with them. That being said, her reference still may have been a little salty.

Image via JamPress

Rachael added:

“I sent the voice note when I was drunk as a joke… but I think the general manager wasn’t happy about it as it was awkward next time I saw them. I got along with people there but the general manager I probably didn’t get along with, although nothing was left on bad terms. My new job requires a reference from every employer I’ve had just to state I’ve worked there. It wasn’t a reference to say how good I was or anything, it’s to prove I am who I say I am and they read and ignored my message.”

Thankfully the 21-year-old has found the silver lining in this situation:

“I find the whole thing funny. But I wish someone else had done it not me.”