Teacher captures her late grandparents “being welcomed into heaven

When a rare full Harvest Moon dawned the sky for the first time since the year 2000, 40-year-old Melissa Bauman saw a breathtaking sight.

Hailing from Wareham, Massachusetts, Bauman was looking forward to the lunar event and said while “kids are crazy anyway,” she was going to post “some catty remark on Facebook about it being a full moon” and how her primary school class would be affected.

So the mother-of-one snapped a few photos of her living room but as she looked at her phone screen, she saw what looked like people in the sky.

Image via Kennedy News and Media

The image looked to be two figures walking towards the moon while a third “welcomed” them with a handshake.

Upon closer inspection, the “figures” are most likely smudges on the teachers window (Melissa admits herself how the image most likely could have been created by fingerprints) but still felt comforted by the scene when she looked at it.

Melissa says she immediately thought of her grandparents, Ray and Rosella.

The two were described as very strong Christians and while they had passed away years prior, the teacher said “the first thing I thought of when I saw the figures was, of course, them.”

Image via Kennedy News and Media

She shared:

“I was just sitting on my sofa, aimed my camera towards the moon and I could see the images of what looked like people on my phone. It totally freaked me out. It’s crazy. It looked like a glimpse of heaven. It was just so cool. It looks as if someone is reaching out to another person from heaven.”

She went on, saying:

“I was staring at the picture for about five minutes and called my husband Chad over saying ‘look at this!’ It reminded me of my grandparents, Ray and Rosella, as if it was them reaching heaven. It made me feel happy. I’ll be saving this photo for a long time.”

Image via Kennedy News and Media

While Melissa shared how her husband could see the image too — he quipped there must be some explanation for it.

The mother added:

“I’m sure there is [a reason]. I’m a teacher, I don’t think everything is supernatural. I’m sure there’s a logical reason behind it. But whether it’s real, or some fingerprints, it’s really cool.”