Homeless man is reunited with dog he believed he would never see again

While Anthony Rogers may not have a place to call home, he feels lucky to have his sweet dog, Bobo, by his side.

Rogers, a homeless artist from Tennessee, always makes sure his dog is never left without want. But a few weeks ago, Rogers woke up to find himself all alone.

Bobo had gone missing, encouraging Rogers to make flyers in hopes that someone would spot his precious pup.

An employee at Memphis Animal Services soon after just so happened to see the flyers and noticed a newly-arrived pup looked a lot like the missing dog.

When Rogers arrived to check, the reunion was a sweet one.

“It was a very cool moment to see such unfiltered, unrestrained joy,” a spokesperson, Katie Pemberton, for the shelter, told The Dodo. “I think we all felt really lucky to be able to witness it. Working in animal sheltering can be very difficult emotionally, so seeing something so happy is like gas in the tank for us.”

While Rogers hopefully will be able to get the help he needs, thankfully, his new found friends at the shelter was sure to send Bobo off with everything he needs.

“Bobo got neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and we found out he was heartworm negative,” Memphis Animal Services wrote. “We sent him back to Anthony with a year’s supply of heartworm prevention, a bag of dog food, and a harness, leash, collar and ID tag. Bobo is healthy and happy[.]”