This prodigal 9-year-old uses an old lip balm tube to eat string cheese with during class

A nine-year-old girl from St. Louis, Missouri, is being praised for stuffing her lip balm tube with cheese to consume during class.

Valerie Schremp Hahn, the girl’s mother, is a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and posted her daughter’s creativity to Twitter.

Valierie’s mother also decided to post to Facebook on her granddaughter’s clever antics the following:

“This kid is going places! Maybe to the principal’s office, but she’s going places!”

But the girl did not just sneak one tube into class but two. The little girl revealed to Buzzfeed News she got the idea from a YouTube tutorial she watched in her spare time.

She went on to share:

“I was just looking on YouTube because I was bored and I found this video and I decided to do it. I just took some of my dad’s cheese, sliced it up, and put it in the chapstick container.”

The video was part of a compilation of back-to-school pranks from Troom Troom, a DIY life hacks channel — revealing how you can use an empty glue stick container to sneak the snack past your teacher.

But as her house did not have any of those lying around, the smart nine-year-old decided to pivot and use an old lip balm.

May we all go forward and use this inspiration to better our lives!