This man has spent over $62,000 tattooing his body black, makes plans to be covered entirely

Karan Sidhu, 29, has spent over £50,000 ($62,000) on tattoos and now is preparing to have his entire body tattooed completely black.

Also known as the Tattoographer got his first tattoo when he was just 13, before going on to have further markings on his face and along his arms.

His eyeballs along with his teeth are black, paired with a split tongue, piercings through his ears and nose, as well as stretched ears.

Karan, from New Delhi in India, now plans to have a full body suit tattoo that stretches from head to toe, front to back, to become the very first Indian to get his full body inked.

Image via Media Drum/@tattoographer

Karan said:

“I’m a self-taught professional tattoo artist with experience of over thirteen years and expertise of doing thousands of tattoos in India and abroad.”

“I was thirteen-years-old when I got my first tattoo and I was sixteen-years-old when I started making tattoos.”

“I’ve had uncountable tattoos and now I’m working on my full body suit tattoo so eventually I will just have one tattoo which will be head to toe, front to back all connected. A lot of work is done on it already. My recent procedure was getting inked for three days continuously and I got both of my arms fully black. It’s a black sleeve.”

Image via Media Drum/@tattoographer

“I got my eyeballs inked in September 2017, it was definitely painful like a red hot needle entering your eyeball repeatedly at different spots but since I was in acceptance with the pain, I could absorb it and even if today I chose to get it done again, I would.”

“I was amazed and spellbound since I really wanted it. It was my dream becoming reality which I could see and experience. I would say [the] majority of my body is inked except for my private parts, which I’ll get taken care of later.”

That all being said, there are few drawbacks. Karan admitted that the teeth implants were more painful than getting his eyeballs done and it took around two-and-a-half months to complete, while he survived on a liquid diet throughout the period.

He also ripped his freshly-inked skin accidentally from his arm after it got stuck to his clothing and had to be on bed rest for a few weeks.

Image via Media Drum/@tattoographer

But despite it all, Karan shared how his friends and family have been accepting of his tattoos and are very proud of everything he has achieved thus far.

“Last time I inked my arm I was a bit careless so the skin got stuck on the shirt and was later ripped off with it,” he said. “I was on bed rest for two weeks due to restricted movement of my arm and leg and some body weakness. My loved ones accept me as I am and they respect my decisions just like I accept them the way they are and respect them. They’re proud of me now because I started from scratch from being a waiter in a hotel working for around £3 ($3.70) per night and today I’m doing anything I think of doing.”

Image via Media Drum/@tattoographer

He continued on, saying:

“Now I am modifying my muscle and working out on my physique to have a perfect and healthy body which will compliment my full body suit tattoo as well. Tattoos are something for life so the person who wants them has to be totally decisive and certain about their decision.”