Teen girl in viral video convinces others that eating used tampons is normal

In a viral hoax, one 18-year-old decided to decided to spread the rumor “that girls eat their tampon after they’re done with it to reabsorb all the blood that they just lost.”

Caroline Majcher from Canada thus inspired a slew of other women on TikTok posting their own versions of the same video.

“Why do boys still not believe that we eat our tampons to reabsorb the blood we lost??,” the text reads, “I realize it sounds dumb but like fr.”

Image via TikTok

“I thought I could probably make up a lie about girls and any boy would believe it,” Majcher revealed to BuzzFeed News.

And while it is unconfirmed whether anyone believes this to be true — just a reminder: it is not healthy to eat a used tampon and please do not try it.