Your coffee dream come true: Shirtless men are now serving coffee in Seattle

If you love coffee and cute baristas, then you will love DreamBoyz Espresso i.e. hot dudes in shorts with massive biceps.

“Fitness is what my passion is,” Brandon Peters, a new Dreamboy shared with Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

“I worked at Starbucks a couple years back, enjoyed being a barista, however it wasn’t enough money, so when I saw this opportunity, I was like, in a way, I get to bring those things together.”

Usually there are two baristas working in the tiny drive-thru only shop and both of them split their tips at the end of the day. The Dreamboyz say that the customers so far have been “appropriate and respectful.”

Image via pxhere

The owners believe that Dreamboyz is the only coffee stand run by shirtless men in the state — but fingers crossed there will be more than one and soon.

Back in 2010, the Barista Boyz coffee stand opened in Capitol Hill with the same idea.

“It’s funny, the women are doing a double take,” owner Dave Ray shared during the grand opening. “One woman turned bright red as she pointed at one of the Boyz. She clearly wanted to stop by, but her boyfriend was not so interested.”

Dreamboyz Espresso will be holding its own grand opening soon and let’s hope the public continues to