Great Dane decides to battle his human’s leaf blower and the pictures are horrific

While Charley is a Great Dane puppy and massive — she is still a little sheepish around things she believes are out of place around her human’s home.

Image via Jessi Mach

“She goes into attack mode over things that are out of place,” Jessi Mach, Charley’s mom, told The Dodo. “She has kept us ‘safe’ from candles, trash cans, baskets and weird things that she thinks don’t belong in the house!”

One day, Charley’s dad was attempting to get some yard work done and took out a leaf blower. Charley’s dog brother, Winston, immediately went to “attack” the machine and after watching him bark and bite the air, Charely decided he wanted in as well.

Image via Jessi Mach

Charley stepped up to the leaf blower and began to bark and bite but the results were a lot more dramatic.

“We thought it was funny that her face blew around so much,” Mach said. 

Her dad could not stop laughing at Charley’s jowls flapping in the wind and he immediately took a video along with some photos so he could show his wife. And as soon as she saw Charley’s big goofy face, she had trouble not laughing and decided to post the photo on her Facebook.

Image via Jessi Mach

She had no idea how much of a hit his face would be!

“People kept asking me if they could use the picture or share the picture,” Mach said. “I said of course, I didn’t think anything of it.”

The next day, Charley’s look went viral.

“Most people are wowed, say that the photo is so cool and link the picture to a variety of scary shows, characters and movies,” Mach said. “People have been very creative in comparing Charley to a Demogorgon from ‘Stranger Things,’ a stingray, The Predator, the Venus flytrap in ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ Jaws, vampires, the spitting dinosaur from ‘Jurassic Park,’ a cobra … I can’t keep track!”