Colin Powell wants Republicans to “get a grip on itself” and stop cleaning up Trump’s messes

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell singled out the Republican Party this week, urging it to “get a grip on itself” as prominent members turn a blind eye to the president’s attempts to find dirt on election opponents from overseas allies.

“The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself. Republican leaders and members of the Congress, both Senate and the House, are holding back because they’re terrified of what will happen to anyone of them if they speak out…This is not the way the country is supposed to run. And Congress is one of the institutions that should be doing something about this. We got to remember what the Constitution started with: “We the People,” not “Me the President” said Powell.

Afraid of Trump, Republicans seem to be hesitant to step forward and have a hand in shifting the narrative despite the President consistently disregarding the Constitution.

Currently, a majority of Republicans are supporting the President’s actions such as bullying other countries into participating in his smear campaign against Joe Biden amidst his attacks on whistleblowers and the intelligence community.