Worker finds and rescues 8-month-old puppy stuck in old tire

Footage has recently revealed a little dog being rescued by emergency services after it had trapped its head in a discarded car wheel.

The video was filmed at the La Chimba rubbish dump in the city of Antofagasta in the northern Chilean region.

A worker had discovered the 8-month-old stray who had gotten her head stuck in the wheel and looking very upset.

Image via CEN

The dog was eventually rescued by staff from the Sterilisation and Responsible Pet Ownership Programme of Antofagasta along with a team of firefighters.

Veterinarian Eliel Morales shared how the lil pup was a young female who lives wild in the area.

Morales first revealed how the dog was at first very aggressive with the rescuers who were forced to sedate it. They then used petroleum jelly to free the animal from the hub cap.

Image via CEN

Morales thankfully confirmed that the dog was uninjured from the incident, saying the next steps would be to sterilize the pup as well as vaccinate her against rabies, prior to returning her to eh area.

Morales said:

“As it is wild, it cannot be adopted. It is of no use to humans.”

The vet also went on to explain how the mountainous region is home to multiple packs of wild dogs that feed on human rubbish as well as other smaller animals including cats.

Image via CEN

Meanwhile, another dog has been causing commotion by learning how to fake an injury to get people passing through to feed him.

The dog locally known as Gae, was videoed in Thailand dragging his back left let along the ground, but once a crowd has gathered around him, Gae jumps up and runs off as if nothing has happened.

According to Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul, a local resident, Gae likes to deceive people with this particular trick.

Chongplapolkul said:

”This old dog has lived by my workplace for a few years. He always does this trick to deceive people. I feed him rice but he still has this habit. He’s very smart. I think he does it to get people to feed him.”

Thaweeporn shared how she is a dog lover who has multiple pets and also rescues street dogs. She believes there is nothing wrong with Gae.

”He’s an old dog and we’ve checked both of his legs. They are both fine. If Gae had any kind of injury I would take him to the vets immediately.”