Man lights up joint mid-flight, plane goes into emergency landing

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing last month when a passenger lit up a joint in the middle of a flight.

During a flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in Denver after an hour into the flight due to a “security issue in the back.”

The passengers were upset about the announcement for obvious reasons and chaos filled the cabin as there were rumors of someone using cocaine in the back part of the plane.

A man with dreadlocks was then seen allegedly rushing to the plane bathroom and locking the door.

Concerned flight attendants then gathered around the bathroom door; attempting to get the man out from behind the locked door.

The man remained in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, coming out and returning ot set around five minutes to the emergency landing.

He appeared “jittery,” and after the plane was on solid ground – police officers and EMTs came on board to deal with the situation.

Image via pexels

At this point – the man then took out a joint and lighter, and proceeded to smoke marijuana. The pilot then spoke again over the intercom, requesting the passengers in the first 13 rows to exit the plane so the man could be forcibly removed.

But as the passengers attempted to get off the plane, the drama continued as the man punched one of the passengers.

Both officers as well as EMTs were able to remove the man from the plane, handcuffing him as well as placing him on a gurney.

As you can see in the footage, he can be heard demanding to be freed from his cuffs were allegedly hurting him.

“Take it off, it hurts. I’ll f*****g kill you!”

An American Airlines representative told TMZ:

“Flight 2408 diverted due to a disruptive passenger. Law enforcement met the flight, and the aircraft re-departed.”

Two hours later, the plane was back up in the air and on the way to Minneapolis.