Man’s arm rots to the bone after consuming too many fizzy drinks


A man revealed how a diet that was made up almost entirely sugary fizzy drinks caused his arm to almost completely rot away.

A man’s arm has almost completely rotted away after a diet made up of mostly sugary fizzy drinks and be before you continue to read, be advised the following image is disturbing.

Image via AsiaWire

Startling images reveal Mohd Razin Mohamed’s wound and it may make you swear off the fizzy stuff forever.

Bukit Sentosa, a 56-year-old, in the town of Rawang in Malaysia, revealed he almost lost his arm after doctors diagnosed with him as having suffered from diabetes after consuming fizzy drinks every day at lunchtime.

Mohd would drink a minimum of two cans of fizzy drinks per day on his commute.

He shared:

“I would drink so much of the sugary drinks that on three occasions I fainted at work.”

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Mohd then developed diabetes as a result of his sugar intake, and quickly after his diagnosis, he discovered a massive boil had formed on his back.

The boil continued to grow until it was the same size as his hand. He then checked himself into the hospital in Sungai buloh in the city of Selangor.

He continued to work as the boil continued to get worse and it is not known why he did not seek out medical attention earlier.

The 56-year-old was then admitted for an emergency surgery which involved cutting away the skin that had been infected and training away the pus from the boil together with an intensive course of antibiotics.

Doctors eventually confirmed that the former telecommunications engineer would not lose his arm after getting skin grafts but he is not able to work as he can no longer able to work as he can not move the limb.

Image via AsiaWire

In addition, he suffers from back pain caused by the fact that the skin is tighter on one side than the other — pulling him constantly to one side.

Part of the treatment involved medicine that can regulate Mohd’s body sugar content — and he has since promised doctors to lower the amount of sweet stuff he consumes so his problems do not come back.

When Mohd reflected on his illness, he shared:

“It’s no longer about having regrets, at the end of the day I bought this on myself by having too much sugar.”