Couple loses a combined 220 pounds in just one year after nixing Netflix

Mother-of-two Jasmine, from Nova Scotia, Canada, claimed that she began binge eating following the death of her father.

In just 12 months, this couple has collectively lost 220 pounds after ditching junk food and binging tv shows on Netflix for workout sessions.

Jasmine Parent, 30, and her partner, Jeremy Crawley, 27, weighted 295 pounds and 333 lbs. after reaching a breaking point.

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Jasmine, a mother of two from Nova Scotia, Canada, said how she began to binge eat after the death of her father.

She then decided to document her weight loss journey on Instagram — losing 125 pounds and has since had a tummy tuck to remove excess skin taking her to a healthy 170 pounds.

Jeremy has lost almost a third of his body weight taking him down to 235 lbs. and their motivation for the lifestyle change was to set a better example for their two young daughters.

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Jasmine revealed how they were both “heavy” when they met on Instagram but their bad habits went downhill after her father passed away in 2013.

She shared:

“I started gaining weight and emotionally eating. I wanted to be emotionally present and to interact with my girls and to have the energy for them. But my anxiety was almost crippling some days that I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be. I just really hated what I saw in the mirror.”

She continued, sharing:

“In the beginning, I never thought that we would lose this much weight. Our eating habits were horrendous. We didn’t prepare any of our meals, barely, at home. We spent a lot of money on junk food and take-out. It was possible for us to lose so much weight just by completely switching the way that we were eating.”

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But the journey was not easy for the couple who began doing exercise videos in their living room as well as following a 21-day meal plan.

Jasmine continued:

“There were days when I felt like I was definitely going to quit. There were days when I left like it wasn’t worth it, that I wasn’t worth it. But I kept pushing. I wanted to set a great example for my daughters. It is just about [prioritizing.] Are we going to spend 20 minutes watching Netflix this evening or are we going to spend 30 minutes in our living room doing a quick work-out?”

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