MAGA hat-wearing man sprays toxic bear repellent into crowd of anti-Trump protesters

A man who was wearing a Make American Great Again cap was arrested this weekend after allegedly spraying a bear repellent into a crowd of people protesting again President Donald Trump at the Santa Monica Pier in California.

Five people were treated on-site but no one was seriously injured at the popular tourist attraction which features restaurants and an amusement park.

Bear repellent is made up of hot-pepper aerosol.

Sgt. D Hicks revealed that protesters were on the beach at first, but when they walked up onto the pier and ran into a group of Trump supporters, “everything went to crap.”

The footage was taken from multiple angles with one clip showing the suspect returning and appearing to spray again at someone who was already affected by the initial spray.

Bystanders then brought the assailant to to a police station just a few feet away from the scene. The man was identified as 32-year-old David Nicholas Dempsey who was then booked on suspicion of illegal use of tear gas, assault with a caustic chemical along with parole violations. The station then shared how he was on parole from a weapons conviction.

According to jail records from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reveal Dempsey was being held without bail.

Police are currently working to identify a second man, who has been described as older, who also may have sprayed in the crowd.

And in footage from the scene, Dempsey can be heard informing police he was “attacked” by “libtards” and “flag-burning commies.”

The crowd then cheered as he was cuffed.