Couple announces they will adopt any and all babies from mothers who contemplate abortion

At the start of the year, a Virginia couple put out a Facebook post that was searching for mothers who were seeking abortion to instead, allow them to adopt their future babies.

Their venture would become overwhelmingly successful.

The viral Facebook post read:

“This offer remains open indefinitely! Don’t abort your baby! We will adopt! Please contact us if you’d be open to adoption as an option! We will adopt from any state. Please do not hesitate to contact us!”

Image via Stephanie Parker

The post was shared on January 28th, 2019, and quickly received over thousands of likes and shares.

Sarah Marie then posted an update to her Facebook page, saying:

“Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in helping these women. At this time, we are no longer receiving messages and the women who contacted us have been referred to Pregnancy Resource Centers or adoption agencies. Thank you! Dozens of expectant mothers contacted us, many of whom were contemplating or planning abortions. Many of those mothers are now considering parenting their babies and others are actively pursuing adoption. We have had the great honor of accepting one mother’s request that we adopt her baby. It has been a whirlwind of a week and we are still processing all of it. We are so grateful for all of these babies’ lives and their mothers, and we feel so privileged and honored to be parents again in approximately 7 months!”

Image via Stephanie Parker

But this child will not be the first to enter their family through adoption.

The Thomas family is currently raising a 1-year-old biological son together along with 3-year-old Kayden who was adopted through foster care.

The couple has described him as a “blessing and such a joy.”