Woman who identifies as a cat believes her animal role play makes her a better partner

A woman who was identified as a cat since she was a teen says her lifestyle has not only brought her closer to her partner but also helped her become her “true self.”

Kat first realized she was a “cat” in high school and has been into kitten role play ever since. Currently, Kat is a model who works at Cat Girl Manor a residence in Colorado Springs that hosts animal role play through BDSM events.

Kat met her partner, Robrecht Berg, 52, at a Comic Con event eight months ago. According to each of them, they are in a loving relationship despite being harshly criticized over their age-gap, role playing relationship.

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Kat revealed to The Daily Mail:

“I have always been different. I just always had a fascination with cats and I felt myself, I’m a cat. I go through life being a cat – it’s just who I am.”

She continued, saying:

“I’ve always worn cat ears. It started when I was in high school, I don’t remember exactly what age I was but it [came from] an anime.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool. I want to be that in real life,’ so I just started applying that to my real life. I don’t think I started the ears, tail, the collar and all that stuff until later on. I was bullied a lot for wearing the ears and just being a nerd. So I kind of kept it a little bit hidden.”

Kat then decided to embrace her kitten alter-ego publicly when she discovered the Cat Manor. She felt the courage to do so after learning there were others out there who identified as felines.

She said:

“I just saw other girls doing it, so I felt more comfortable doing it myself.”

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An aerospace engineer who also works as an artist and organizes annual cosplay events, Rob, revealed that he was no surprised about Kat’s role play.

He revealed to the newspaper:

“She might have been wearing ears at the time but I didn’t notice that.”

“It wasn’t until talking to her on Messenger later that I found out that she was more into the kitten side of things and did that regularly since she was a teenager.”

Rob continued:

“Everyone has something different that they do. I see it as another outlet for a person to enjoy, relax, be themselves and be creative.”

Kat submerges herself into the submissive role in the relationship while Rob is the “master.”

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And while they both adore how things worked out — Kat shared that not everyone respects their play.

She shared:

“My family and certain people are not accepting and they don’t want to know anything about it. It’s hard but I’m going to be who I am no matter if people are going to be accepting of this lifestyle or not. I’m just going to be who I am.”

She continued on, saying:

“I’ve always felt like I was a cat. When I’m in my kitten mode I’m happy. It’s my space. Growing up I had to pretend to be normal and not be the cat person, but now I get to be myself. I get to express myself – I get to climb, if I want to climb, I can if I want to drink out of a bowl, I can if I want to wear a collar, if I want to wear my ears, I can do it. I don’t have anybody stopping me saying, ‘Okay, well, you need to be normal.’ Now I can just be myself.”