Newlyweds shock guests by ordering $450 worth of Domino’s pizza as wedding day meal

A couple from across the pond decided to say “I do” with $450 worth of Domino’s Pizza present, winning “best wedding ever” in my book.

Victoria and Tom Browne decided from the start they wanted a non-traditional wedding breakfast that was comfortably in their budget, so Victoria, 26, reached out to her local branch of the pizza chain and was happy to find they could fully cater for all her guests.

In addition, there was plenty of the couple’s favorite garlic and herb dip (obviously.)

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Victoria said:

“Most people know me and Tom just don’t do things traditionally. I didn’t want traditional sandwiches or anything at the wedding, I wanted something that stood out. We actually kept joking saying ‘shall we have Domino’s?’ but as it got closer and we didn’t have any food plans, we started seriously considering it and I emailed Domino’s asking the question.”

The buffet boasted 30 large pizzas and 60 boxes of sides for a grand total of $447.12.

Victoria and her husband, Tom, 29, shared that staff came “strolling in and shocked everybody.”

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She continued:

“I was so paranoid about whether they were actually going to be able to do it that I went in the day before and said ‘are you are all aware of my order for tomorrow?’ They were pretty good. It all came in piping hot and the staff were quite happy to stand and have a photo with me.”

She continued on, sharing:

“People are still gobsmacked with it, people think that as a buffet you have to have like sandwiches and stuff and I don’t really like pasties and I’m not picking them because everyone else likes them.”

The couple admitted that when they first revealed their plans to their friends and families, they did not believe they were actually going to do it.

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But the bride shard how throughout the day, many were pleased with their choice and no one complained!

In addition, the amount of pizza provided was overwhelming.

Victoria said:

“I was surprised at the amount they delivered, I thought, ‘we’re going to have to take this home and have it for a couple of weeks’.”

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“We would have ended up having to bin it which would have been devastating for me. I would normally order it at least once a week and I definitely won’t be for a little bit. I don’t want to see anymore pizzas for a while.”

A spokesperson for Domino’s shared:

“Congratulations to the happy couple! Pizza is the best food in the world and your wedding is the best day of your life, so why not bring the two together. We’re glad the bride and groom were happy with their delivery. We can proudly say Domino’s is the Official Food of providing the best dinner you’ll get at a wedding, ever!”