Six-year-old boy filmed driving 155 mph in car with no seat belt on

A six-year-old has been filmed in a quite a few clips racing a Volkswagen Golf up and down a disused road without a seat belt.

The footage was originally posted on Instagram.

A man can be viewed in the passenger seat, while encouraging the boy during the ride to accelerate as the car bounces over potholes and swerves through gaps in fences.

The boy is even coerced into using the car’s “launch control,” which turbo charges the car’s engine in sports mode, propelling the vehicle forward with great speed.

The man in the passenger seat can be heard telling the boy to “open her up” and “give her some.”

Image via Instagram

He also says: “Whip her round, give it a little bit of power, go on, get up there.”

And in yet a different clip, a man off camera asks the boy how old he is —where he replies: “Six.”

It is unclear who the people in the video are or why exactly an adult would allow a child to drive a car like this.

The videos first surfaced on a page that was dedicated to the little boy driving and since the Gold videos were uploaded, additional videos have been shared of the boy driving a Land Rover through a bumpy field with a familiar voice encouraging the boy to “power it,” and “drift it.”

In one of the clips, a man replies to another passenger asking if the boy is operating the pedals, saying:

“Yeah he’s driving the whole thing. Nobody’s doing nothing.”

Let this be a lesson friends: don’t let your kids drive a car.

….I can’t believe I had to say that!