Sneaky grandma forges diploma for dog who did not graduate obedience school

While Angel the dog is as cute as can be —- listening and obeying commands is difficult for him.

Last year, Mariah Cervantes’ grandma enrolled the pup in an obedience training course.

And while Angel was excited, he ended up failing out.

Image via Twitter/@Maaaariah1

But instead of retaking the course, Cervantes’ grandma decided to get a little crafty instead.

And since Angel did not earn an actual dog diploma of excellence, she created a faux one, honoring her favorite dog’s pseudo achievement.

Her grandmother even framed the certificate in a gold frame to show off Angel’s work (be it exemplary or not.)

Image via Twitter/@Maaaariah1

And while Angel did the best he could do in his attempt to be a good boy, the only opinion that matters the most is Cervantes’ grandma.

“When I saw it, I immediately started laughing and was not at all surprised. My grandma is so cute and is always doing things like this,” Cervantes told The Dodo. “She’s so proud of Angel, even though she awarded it to him herself.”