Nun falls in love with local man, forces Italian convent to close its doors

A 17th-century Italian convent was forced to shut down after one of its nuns fell in love.

Re-opened in 2015 after years of abandonment, convent of the Cappuccini Fathers in Sansepolcro, Italy, has been run by Benedictine nuns.

But mother superior, Sister Maria Teresa, was recently ousted after folloinw her heart according to report by La Repubblica, a local newspaper.

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Described as “energetic and always smiling,” Maria’s duties at the Tuscan convent included managing upgrades, hosting religious tourists well as weddings, baptisms and communions.

But with her gone, Cappuccini was forced to close its doors “definitively,” as the the three others nuns were unable to keep up.

While it is unclear if Maria, 40, stepped down on her own terms or her hand was forced, she revealed to the outlet she was beyond upset by the outcome.

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“People cry for the closure of the monastery, and I cry, too,” she said. “What I am suffering will mark me for life, and it will be difficult that, in the future, I still want to deal with the church.”

She did not answer La Repubblica’s questions, which inquired if her departure was related to an affair.

“They wanted to say so, let them say it,” she said. “The matter is much more complicated than it seems.”

Bishop of Arezzo, Riccardo Fontana, shared with the outlet how he was not involved in the decision, and it was “very painful” for everyone.