This boutique hotel wants you to “sleep with lions”: literally

If sleeping with lions is something you have always wanted to do — well then you are in luck!

While there is no training involved besides entering your credit card information for a room — all that is required of you is to book a room at the hotel.

Oh, and also be okay with sleeping right next to a lion. Or a tiger. Oh my!

Image via Caters

The Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve sits on the grounds of the Port Lympne Safari, which is in the United Kingdom.

Home to over 760 animals, it offers guests the opportunity to stay in lodges where massive cats walk right up to the window of your residence.

The rooms boast private balconies — all of which are high enough for the cats to not climb up — as well as offer amazing views across the sea.

In addition, guests will also get their own personal golf buggy to use and will be able to enjoy “exclusive access to the reserve, before and after visiting hours.”

Image via Caters

The Tiger Lodge, for example, can house up to four people and features 4k TV, high tech sound system as well as free parking — along with plenty of food options on the premises.

If you are up for the view, prices start at $1,300 a night (because the cats need to eat too!) which includes safari rides, animal experiences, hot air ballooning and nature photography courses.

You can book your stay today, here.