Homeless man forks over his anime collection worth $10,000 to help fund his anime tattoo business

On November 25, Twitter user @inkbypnut posted a tweet of him in an empty commercial space with the following caption:

“Hey twitter sold all my anime [stuff] to buy my first anime tattoo shop… I’m located in downtown Dallas Texas… opening day is Dec 7th, I hope this goes viral so I can start my anime collect over!”

The artist sold off his anime collection for $10,000 dollars which he then reinvested into his commercial space for his tattoo shop.

The post quickly went viral, garnering over 40,000 retweets and over 93,000 likes in just 3 days. And in addition — Twitter users reached out to help his business, including interior decoration to replenishing his anime collection to booking appointments prior to opening — the internet was in full support.

And the timing of it all could not have been more perfect as the artist had a quite the year. His house had burned down, he was forced to sleep in cars as well as worked constantly to make ends meet.

He is now very elastic to announce that he will be hiring 8 artists, a few piercers, as well as some shop hands. The store’s name will be 1UP Ink.

To check out his work and keep up to date with the store’s happenings, click here.