Husband becomes a makeshift chair for very pregnant wife

One husband in China went above and beyond for his pregnant wife after video footage surfaced showing him offering his back as a chair for his very, pregnant wife.

The clip has since garnered over seven million views and counting and has been believed to have been filmed in north-eastern China.

In the video, the couple can be seen standing in a crowded hospital corridor while waiting for their turn for a pregnancy check-up.

The very pregnant wife can be seen pacing up and down the corridor in pain and looks to be struggling to remain on her feet as she is fatigued and numbed by her legs.

She then grabs on to a railing on the wall in order to steady herself as the pain becomes too much but her husband decided to help his wife in a unconventional but very sweet way.

Image via AsiaWire

As he sets himself up against a wall, he then sits down cross-legged on the corridor floor and offers his back up as a makeshift seat for his wife, who then take a seat on top of him.

In addition, he then offers his partner a drink of something from a flask to which she takes part.

The video was allegedly captured by a hospital surveillance camera camera and captured the hearts of many when it was originally posted on Chinese Social Media.