Peloton loses $942 million after holiday advertisement leaves a bad taste in viewer’s mouths

Peloton recently released a commercial which rubbed many (dare I say most?) the wrong way.

The backlash was so overwhelming that the company took a $942 million hit in just one day.

The 30-second advertisement showcases a man gifting his wife a Peloton stationary bike as a Christmas present but for all the wrong reasons.

After the ad went viral, the bike company has been seen as “sexist” and “classicist” by many.

In addition, shares of Peloton fell over 9% on December 3, which did away with $942 million from the company’s market value in a single day.

But despite the complaints, Peloton stands behind it and does not plan to take it down anytime soon.

Watch and decide for yourself, below.