When his mom isn’t looking, cat takes a bite out of each and every tortilla in the pack

When he was just a little kitten, Cowboy was taken in by Fishtails Animal Rescue in Philadelphia when he was just a little kitten. And when he came down with an upper respiratory infection, a volunteer with the rescue, Cat Keegan, decided to foster him while he healed.

Besides Cowboy, Keegan has three other cats including a few special needs rescues and Cowboy keeps the crowd entertained.

Image via Cat Keegan

He can be found getting into things and places he should not and his mom expects it at this point.

“He’s an expert at causing trouble and he’s too smart for his own good,” Keegan told The Dodo

Cowboy’s favorite way to cause trouble is by stealing food.

Image via Cat Keegan

“It is his life mission to eat human food,” Keegan said. “I often have to put him in a separate room just so I can cook and eat. He even tries to sneak bites from the other end of a burrito or slice of pizza. He’ll lick a bowl of pasta sauce clean if he can get to it.” 

In addition to her rescue work, Keegan is also a vet tech at a 24/7 hospital so she she can keep up with her mischievous kitty.

One evening, Keegan had just returned from the store and put all of the groceries in the kitchen before running to the bathroom. She was out of the room for just a minute but Cowboy took that small amount of time to dig through the grocery bag and rip into a pack of tortillas.

Image via Cat Keegan

“He took a bite out of every single tortilla in the pack,” Keegan said. “20 tortillas.” 

Cowboy was able to bite into every single tortilla.

“He’s an expert at this now,” Keegan said. 

Classic cat shenanigans if you ask me!

Image via Cat Keegan