Two tricks to actually cure those pesky hiccups

While hiccups are irritating, they have the ability to get in the way of what you are doing and odds are, you probably have your very own hypothesis on how to get rid of them.

So is there a method that truly gets rid of the embarrassing habit? According to one study, sort of.

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Uptick in carbon dioxide

If you have ever held your breath or decided to breathe into a paper bag, it is most likely because these methods raise the levels of carbon dioxide (C02) in the blood which inhibit spasms of the diaphragm.

Which, sometimes but work, but researchers don’t really know why. Some believe it is a way of distracting the body so it is focused on the build up of C02 instead while others think it that hiccups are caused by low levels of C02.

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Revving up something called the vagus nerve

Home grown remedies people use to do away with hiccups, like drinking water or having someone scare you, actually involve something called the vagus nerve. It runs from your brain to your stomach and helps you coordinate your breathe with swallowing.

At the end of the day, scientists are not completely sure why hiccup cures work but the takeaway is if it works, it works.