Woman catches her boyfriend cheating on her after Fitbit Physical Activity spikes at 4 a.m.

NFL correspondent Jane Slater recently revealed that she caught her ex cheating thanks to her Fitbit.

The now ex-boyfriend had forgotten that he had synced up his device with Jane’s so they could keep each other motivated while working out. And when Jane looked at his fitness summary, she noticed an odd spike in physical activity at 4 a.m. — yikes.

Jane revealed to her followers on Twitter the following:

“An Ex Boyfriend once got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I loved it. We synched up, motivated each other…”

Image via pexels

“Didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app – wish the story wasn’t real.”

And she followed the tweet with:

“Spoiler alert: he was not enrolled in an OrangeTheory class at 4am.”

OOPH. The truth hurts but I guess shout out to Fitbit for intervening?