This kindergartner’s whole class showed up at his adoption hearing in support

Michael Clark Jr., a 5-year-old, recently walked into a courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan to finalized his adoption with his foster parents.

But he was not alone.

His entire class had decided to come and support, with cut out red and pink hearts on sticks to show how much they loved him.

Kerry McKee, Michael’s teacher, had come up with the idea for the class and discussed it with his mother who had been fostering the little one for a year along with his dad.

The two decided it would make Michael’s day even more special. McKee then arranged for a school bus to bring the kids to the courthouse to witness something even more special.

Thankfully, these little kids were not just able to go on a field trip, but they were able to see the start of a new family being brought together as Michael became the son of David Eaton and Andrea Melvin.

For the record, this the cutest thing you will witness all day.