Scientists plan 1,000 year trip to colonize a distant exoplanet

In an attempt to protect humanity (if/when we can’t live on earth anymore) a team of scientist are organizing a plan to colonize a distant exoplanet.

That being said, is it possible? Possibly.

Scientists from the Initiative for Interstellar Studies revealed to OneZero that the plan to send a crew to a potentially-habitable exoplanet in another solar system could take centuries or millennia — which means generations would be born and die during the journey.

But that is not the only challenge.

Image via flickr

“There’s no principal obstacle from a physics perspective,” Andreas Hein, executive director, revealed to OneZero. “There are a lot of challenges, but no fundamental principle of physics is violated.”

In addition, also the challenge of how to exactly sustain human life on such a long journey through space is also a huge hurdle. And based on current research, a trip to Mars is still not advised as scientists have yet to figure out a way to shield astronauts from deadly cosmic radiation and also the medical issues caused by spending time in space are not fully understood.

Sorry folks, it looks like you will just need to wait a few more years before you can have a vacation home on another planet!