Couple accidentally throws out diamond wedding rings, sifts through mountains of trash to find valuables

A couple from Australia was distraught after learning their diamond wedding as well as engagement rings were missing.

The couple, who requested to keep their identities hidden, were renovating their home in the Melbourne area when they dropped off a load of garbage at the nearby waste collection center and drove home.

It wasn’t until later they realized they had accidentally thrown away a small jewelry box that contained an “impressive engagement and wedding ring,” Carden said.

Image via flickr

They quickly called the collection center but it was closing and they were told to return the next day. Return they did — at 4 a.m. after a “sleepless night.”

The trash collectors as well as city workers opened the truck which contained 30 tons of trash. Thankfully, the couple finally located the pink trash bag with the jewelry box and the rings inside.

Carden said the recovery was a “a little bit of Christmas magic,” and thanked the workers for going “above and beyond” to help the couple.