Couple attempts Pinterest engagement photo and the results are epicly bad

A couple attempted to recreate a Pinterest engagement photo that turned out to be an epic fail but definitely hilarious to the rest of us.

Both Collin Heweet and Alyssa Snodsmith revealed photos on Twitter this past week of their failed attempt at recreating a photo Snodsmith discovered on Pinterest.

The found photo revealed a couple smiling as a man poured champagne in his girlfriend’s mouth.

“So me and Alyssa took our engagements pictures yesterday. She found a Pinterest picture that she wanted to try and recreate…I botched it,” Hewett posted in a Tweet.

The couple’s photo soon went viral and has collected over 500,000 likes.

“I’ve been so surprised that the pictures have gone this viral,” Hewett revealed to Delish.

“The original intent of me posting them was just to show some of our friends and I guess it just took off!” 

He also added that during the shoot, that Snodsmith was a shocked but handled the incident well.

She commented on the post, writing: “I’m fine btw.”

One thing is for sure: it is a day they both will never forget.