Dog and pig who are obsessed with each other have a play date every single week

While Carlton and Colt are completely two different species, the two are closer than ever despite being a pig and a dog. For the odd but lovable duo, it was an fast-moving friendship.

“Their friendship was instant!” Carlton’s mom, Amanda Quick, shared with The Dodo. “Colt couldn’t take his eyes off of Carl. They were doing zoomies and grazing together, even wrestling and playing in the leaf piles.”

And when Quick first laid eyes on a photo of Carlton, she knew he belonged with her.

“I had been hoping to rescue a pig to train as a therapy animal like I’ve done with my two previous rescue dogs,” Quick shared. “As soon as I saw his sweet baby face I knew he was the one. I drove an hour to get him that night.”

Image via Amanda Quick

One day, Quick decided to bring Carlton along with her to her weekly singing practice with her friend, Mary.

Carlton met his best friend, Colt there.

Their play dates have become tradition and the two are inseparable.

“Ever since that first time, Carlton waits by the door on Mondays,” Quick said. “He knows when it’s time to go. He trots from the car to Mary’s front door and Colt starts hopping the second we come in. Even after weeks, they’re still this excited to see one another every Monday.”

May we only be as lucky to have friendships as sweet as Carlton and Colts’-!