Dog going through an “existential crisis” is the most relatable mood you will feel this holiday season

It is to no one’s surprise that the holiday seasons comes with its roller coaster highs of doing festive things to the realization that January comes swiftly and there are no more holidays to celebrate until most likely February (or not likely for some, so March) which means all the color and joy and light can quickly seep out of your eyes if you let it.

And one dog in particular channeled this apathetic energy in the most relatable way.

Last week, human-mom, Lauren Carter, tweeted out a picture of her two pets from a professional photo shoot and the post has gone viral because of one pup’s “mood.”

Opiee, the more chipper of the two pups, smiles photogenically at the camera.

But Mika, her other dog, is staring apathetically into the distance — unphased by her jolly accessories.

Most people commented: “How I feel on the outside vs. How I feel on the inside”

And all I can say, is same Mika — same.