Elderly college professor conducts crazy experiments in the name of science

For the past 45 years, a college professor has been enamoring his students with his quirky experiments and thanks to a video that went viral, the rest of the world can experience the joy too.

David Wright, Ph.D., teaches physics and astronomy at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a big believer in keeping kids engaged by involving fun demonstrations into his class.

An 18-year-old sophomore recorded videos of the professor from this semester revealing his clever antics on Twitter where they have been viewed over 20 million times.

The revealed that his “very sharp, very engaged” students “really energize me.”

“I figure if I’m not having fun teaching the course they’re not going to have any fun either. You should be really passionate in what you’re doing and I hope I serve as an example of that,” he shared on Good Morning America.

‘The world is a wondrous place and it’s all understandable with mathematics and physics,” Wright continued, who is a father of four and grandfather of seven. “I hope that’s what students take away.”