Father requests Christmas cards for his autistic son instead receives shocking amount of resources

Marty Jr. was born severely autistic and could not speak. Doctors informed his father he would not live past 15 but today, he is 33.

But Marty Sr. says that he can’t work as he stays home to care for his son, living off food stamps and around the holidays, it is difficult to make ends meet.

So this Christmas, Marty Sr. posted a request on Facebook for Christmas cards for Marty Jr.

“This year I got tired of seeing him not have any Christmas presents so I posted it on there.”

Image via flickr

The post quickly went viral and the two received much more than just a few cards.

They were gifted presents, packages as well as lots of love on social media.

A group from Central Texas even brought out their sports cars — which is one of Marty Jr.’s favorite things in the world.

“I love everyone for showing up and showing their support for my son,” his father said. “I’m glad everybody loves him like I do.”