Father reveals gut wrenching post on 10th anniversary of newborn’s death

A comedian based in New York, Michael Cruz Kayne, inspired thousands on Twitter after posting a series of tweets on the anniversary of his son’s death, Fisher.

“This isn’t really what Twitter is for, but ten years ago today my son died and I basically never talk about it with anyone other than my wife,” Kayne wrote. “It’s taken me ten years to realize that I want to talk about it all the time. this is about grief.”

Kayne then shared how Fisher was a twin and that his brother, Truman is alive and well. The comedian said he additionally has a daughter and along with his wife and two children, talk about Fisher’s death often.

“[Fisher] has a sister, who asked us to put an extra candle in her brother’s birthday cake, and who led us in writing a story about her dead brother tonight,” Kayne wrote. 

“And maybe now, a decade later, I’m ready to contribute a tiny bit to his legacy also, with a plea: *ask your sad friend about the sad thing that you never talked about*,” Kayne wrote. 

“If you are grieving, you are not alone,” he wrote along with a photo of his wife with Fisher before his death.

The post caused thousands to reply with similar stories, serving as a reminder that truly, no one is alone.