Investigators discover new video footage of Arkansas police officer, discover he was shot in head 10 times

The Arkansas police officer who was “ambushed and executed” while sitting in his patrol car just outside headquarters earlier this month was shot 10 times in the head by a gunman who took an interest in anti-law enforcement groups.

New details have emerged in connection to the “heinous” killing of Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr thanks to new surveillance footage that captured the gunman, identified as 35-year-old London Phillips.

Stephen Carr was just 27-years-old.

Image via Fayetteville Police Department

Eventually, two police officers later shot and killed Phillips.

“We have hesitated to release the attached video of what transpired that night due to the heinous and shocking nature of this crime, but in an effort to keep the public informed of exactly what happened that night, we are releasing video of the incident along with the results of the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s preliminary findings,” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office shared in a statement.