Las Vegas cowboy’s arrest car thief in epic viral video

A “cowboy arrest” is making its rounds online after a few western gentlemen decided to help lay down the law.

Or should I say, rope it in?

“I see this helicopter flying around, like right above us and so I’m like they must be doing something wrong. And right when I thought about that 18 cop cars came barreling down this road right next to the arena,” said a cowboy and professional cattle roper, Cayden Cox.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department then identified the car that was stolen and attempted to stop it. The persons in the car, a total of three, tried to escape but ended up hitting a horse trailer by Horseman’s Park.

“I’m like, ‘oh shoot we need to go catch the son of a buck.’ So I come running down through there and I almost knocked over this older gentleman and I felt bad but I got to them and right when I got to him but they all followed me we’re like 60 guys behind us,” added Cox.

One of the people in the stolen car jumped a fence at the park and started to run across the fairgrounds.

It was at that moment, the cowboys came onto the scene. They yelled at the man to stop and threatened to lasso him if he did not.

“By the time I kind of had my rope up and [the suspect] had his hands up, right when I was thinking about roping him,” said Cox.

The alleged car thief quickly dropped to his knees while a couple of cowboys pinned him to the ground until police officers arrived and took him into custody, according to the man who witnessed what happened.

“The best part of the whole deal was one when the (police) helicopter flew over us and said ‘good job Ropers!’ or something like that, oh that just made our day,” Cox said.

All three people are in custody according to police.