This groundbreaking robot will clean up after your dog’s doo-doo for you


A robot that cleans up your dog’s poop!

A true Christmas miracle: the machine, called Beetl, is decked out with a computer vision and front cameras to help them detect poop. Much like a Roomba. But for poop.

Once it is finished detecting, the robot moves right over it and uses a mechanical claw to scoop it up.

Thankfully, the robot does have its own little sealed container for holding the poop until it can be disposed of.

Images via Beetl Robotics

Beetl’s sensors also allow for it to avoid any obstacles in its way and stay within a set perimeter.

As a user, all you have to do is set the boundaries on your lawn, and then let the robot roam free to work its magic.

And as it is an advanced AI, it can connect to a cloud network which allows the robot to learn and develop in new ways.

We should note however that the machinery is still in its testing state which means, until it is released, you’ll have to clean up after your dog the ol’e fashion way.