This 10-year-old boy’s pure reaction to a captured fish will melt your heart

Ke’mari Cooper from Quincy, Florida, was fishing with his dad this month when he caught a 7.1 pound bass.

It was the biggest he has ever caught and he caught it with his lucky “black trick worm” lure.

Velt Cooper, the fisherman’s father, recorded his son as he carefully brings the fish to shore while encouraging and cheering him on the whole time.

The viral video shows Ke’mari elated when he sees just how big his fish is.

“Is this your personal best?” Cooper asked.

Ke’mari then screams and breaks into a dance, quickly returning to send the fish back but not before telling it a very adorable goodbye.

“Let’s put this beauty back in the water, my personal best,” Ke’mari says sweetly. “I hope you grow even bigger, baby.”

“One day we’ll meet back again,” he adds, petting the fish before he releases it.