How you can trap your Elf in an Amazon Echo this holiday season

If you and your kids adore Elf on the Shelf, then you will NEED this amazing new hiding place that everyone is talking about.

One mother has discovered a way to infuse technology with Christmas magic by having Elfie gets stuck in an electrical device.

If you have an Alexa or Amazon Echo, you are in luck!

In a video on Facebook, the mother explained how to execute the clever idea.

Image via flickr

She captioned it:

“FYI to all parents using the elf this year. If you have an Alexa go to the app. Settings>my profile.

Change your name to the name of your elf. Then go to messages (communicate).

Type a message from the elf. Then ask Alexa: ‘Alexa play my messages’. The elf talks to your kids.”

What are you waiting for?!