Doggo follows his pregnant mama all around the house, including the shower

Diz has paired with her dad since she was a puppy and adores him so much — and when he got married, she quickly fell in love with her new mother too.

Diz is very attached to her mama now and always looks out for her.

“She has always been super protective of me, especially when my husband isn’t with me,” Diz’s mom, Brittany Johnson, shared with The Dodo

A few months back, Diz’s parents found out they were going to have a little one. And while Diz noticed, it did not seem to alert her in the slightest.

“She would lay with her head against my belly for the first few weeks then she just kinda ignored me,” Johnson said. 

She eventually found her way into the shower with Johnson because: good doggo.

Take a look at the adorable shot below!

Image via Diz Johnson