If you have always wanted a hyper-realistic mask of your pet, congratulations they now exist


A hyper-realistic mask of your furry-best-friend to let them know who is REALLY in charge around here!

You can thank two Japanese firms for creating the odd (disturbing?) masks — Shindo Rinka along with workshop 91.

Image via Shindo Rinka

But you’ve got to be really committed to the cause, because they don’t come cheap; a typical mask will set you back ¥300,000, which is the equivalent of £2,100 / $2,800.

But this is no novelty buy — with prices starting at ¥300,000, which is the equivalent of $2,800.

The project is titled “My Family” which allows people to have custom-made masks to resemble their furry family members.

Because, it is 2020 people! Why not?!