Man brings skeleton of amputated arm wherever he goes

A man from Canada decided he wanted to shift his tragedy into a conversation starter when he decided to have his injured arm amputated and turned into a taxidermied prop of sorts.

Mark Holmgren was only 17 when he decided to borrow his friend’s motorcycle and was then involved in a crash — which left him with an injured shoulder.

Almost two decades later, he decided to amputate his non-working arm.

But while he was not ready to part with his limb — Holmgren made the choice to get it preserved so he could hold onto it. Literally.

Image via Instagram

“The highlight of the year has got to be working on this incredible project we were honored with. Our client Mark was in a severe motor cycle accident over 15 years ago and lost use of his arm. Finally this past year he was able to get it amputated and asked if we would clean it up for him. Its the oddest project we have ever had but one of the most fulfilling seeing it all come together.”