Sexist convention to “Make Women Great Again” sells $2,000 tickets to “natural born women only”

A convention happening in Orland, Florida, this May is causing massive backlash and rightfully so. The goal of the convention?

To make women great again.

Tickets start at $2,000 dollars for a ticket and the speaker line up is (surprise, surprise) is made up of just men.

Image via 22

The convention promises goers how to show women how to be “ideal” and “ultimate wives,” and promises to raise female goers femininity by 500% — how this will be measured is unknown.

The convention positions itself as an opponent of feminism while also promoting “all forms of positive femininity.”

The convention’s site also boasts how it will be “the mansplaining event of the century.”

In addition, they also promise you unlimited babies. Because, that is exactly what all women want….right? It somehow reads better against the desperate bubble gum pink background.

I will just leave this here because if I say anymore, it sounds made up, and sadly, it is not.